Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The sound of Norway

Is it really day 4 already?
There have been plenty more Book Festival highlights in the last few days including:

Yesterday evening's Jura Unbound when the magnificent Ljodahått brought their intriguing blend of poetry and music all the way from Norway...

The moment Sandi Toksvig met the Gruffalo...



Cerys Matthews played some open air tunes...


David and Carrie Grant got their audience up and dancing...


Coming up soon we have…


He’s a master of journalism in the graphic form, Joe Sacco will be here at 8.30pm. Tickets cost £10 (£8).

Two young novelists from opposite sides of the Atlantic write about the search for humanity in dysfunctional lives. See Brian Kimberling and Allan Wilson at 8.30pm. Tickets cost £7 (£5).

Danny Dorling explores the rise and fall of the word’s population at 12noon, tickets cost £10 (£8).

Practising psychoanalyst Darian Leader takes a closer look the growth of bipolar in western societies at 2pm, tickets cost £10 (£8).

Andrew Robinson tells us about the compelling characters behind some of the greatest discoveries in science at 5pm, tickets cost £10 (£8).

See the full Festival line-up on our website.

Of course, you don’t have to go to an event. You could just come down to Charlotte Square Gardens and do a bit of this…

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