Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day 7 and a half

Time for another recommendations package, do you think? Yes? Yes, I do too.

This evening (Saturday 18th)

He seems to go out of his way to do unique things and talk about those unique things in a way that makes us laugh out loud. Tonight at 8.30PM in the ScottishPower Studio Theatre he'll be sharing his debut fiction, 'Charlotte Street', a story of a man fixated on the photographs inside a discarded disposable camera.

I've already seen both these very talented humans in action, and I can promise that they are extraordinarily engaging and likeable. Tonight at 7PM in the RBS Corner Theatre they'll be talking about their work. See you there!

Tomorrow (Sunday 19th)

Her keynote speech at the Writers' Conference today provoked whoops of appreciation and howls of laughter from the audience. Need I say more? Sunday will see her in the RBS Main Theatre at 11.30AM. Be there or face the consequences.

A much-beloved Scottish poet whose work never fails to produce both thought and emotion in its readers. See him in the ScottishPower Studio Theatre at 7PM this Sunday.

The day after tomorrow (Monday 20th)

This is a special one. It's for little 'uns – and big 'uns – and will feature chat about comedy, and why comedy can be particularly tricky. The participants are Liz Pichon (left), Rose Impey, and Philip Ardagh, who has recently been provoking (embarrassingly loud) guffaws on Twitter, so we'll see you in the RBS Corner Theatre at 5PM on Monday if you like a laugh. And who doesn't like a laugh?

I hesitate to mention this event here, because it's selling so fast it might get a nosebleed, but at time of writing there are still tickets available – so grab them now! Joyce Carol Oates is, of course, one of the world's most respected novelists. Her event is on Monday at 11.30AM in the RBS Main Theatre.