Thursday, 5 August 2010

Site Build Day 8

The 75,816 books (now 86,179!) reported by Booksales Officer Tracey the other day is such an impressive number that we couldn't help but share a visual representation of it. Here are the jungle of boxes for our on-site bookshops, full of books ready to be stacked, shelved, bought and enjoyed, as presented by (from left to right) Nick, Lewis, Warehouse Manager Graham, Ken, Pat and Book Festival Director Nick:

Meanwhile, in Charlotte Square gardens, a forklift truck goes about its business (lifting forks), and rows of welcoming seats line our tents:

And now -- captured by Technical Manager Craig -- for something mysterious...

An unoriginal food analogy with a good cause

Above: Chattering author Louise Stern

The official Edinburgh Festivals TV channel is serving up a taste of some of the delectable events on offer at our feast of a Book Festival later this month. (Makes you hungry, doesn't it?)

Enjoy videos of Adam Foulds, Andrew O’Hagan, James Brabazon, Louise Stern and Geoff Dyer as they set a trail of sweets to their already very tempting events.
Adam Foulds will be at the Book Festival on Sunday 29 August to reveal his new novel, The Quickening Maze, a remarkable tale of an imprisoned poet contemplating the worlds on either side of the bars.
The charismatic Andrew O’Hagan shares the secrets of Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Munroe in his event on Sunday 15 August, through the utterly unique voice of a dog called Maf.
James Brabazon is here on Saturday 28 August with a gripping, moving and sincere account of extraordinary South African mercenary Nick du Toit. He will be joined by James Maskalyk, who will captivate with his tales of his time as a doctor in Sudan.
Louise Stern, who was born deaf, has written Chattering: Stories, and on Sunday 29 August will discuss this intriguing new work as part of our innovative and exciting new Unbound series of events.
On Monday 23 August Geoff Dyer helps answer the controversial question: has the novel reached crisis point? David Shields, Gaby Wood and Stuart Kelly join him in a lively, fascinating debate that promises to linger.
See you soon!