Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Programme launch tomorrow!

Tomorrow our programme is launched. It's our Apollo 11. Okay so that's probably an exaggeration, but we're really excited; partly because it's going to paint a clear picture of how brilliant August is going to be, and partly because it means that we in the Book Festival team can finally ramble shamelessly to everyone about the names appearing.

There's some names so big you'll be able to see them from space (that'd be Apollo 11 again), and some lesser known names that are genuinely equally exciting. The Book Festival is so much about promoting debut authors, because we know in the future that you'll be able to see them from space too.

Our "Elsewhere" theme (see previous post!) isn't the only one running through the 2010 programme. We've got numerous others to look out for, all innovative and intriguing, and all worth delving into when you've got the programme, which you'll be able to snag straight from our website if you don't get a hard copy.

We hope you like it!