Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Listen again, first books and photographs

As day 12 draws to a close we look back on the last couple of days (and then look forward too) ...

Have a listen! 
We've now published audio recordings of a handful of this year’s events in the Media Gallery our website including Baroness Susan Greenfield in conversation with Kirsty Wark. There will be many more recordings to come in over the following days and weeks. 

Susan Greenfield talks to Kirsty Wark


Fabulous first books
Once again our First Book Award is shining a light on the outstanding calibre of debut fiction in our programme. There is still time to vote for your favourite to win, just complete a voting slip and post it in the Big Voting Box in the entrance tent of the Festival, or vote on our website where you can also find the full list of shortlisted authors and books. If you’re in town why not come along and show your support for one of these new authors by seeing them in an event

The Big Voting Box


The science of superheroes 
Superheroes bring the fun Scientist and consultant to Hollywood James Kakalios brought physics to life through the antics of superheroes.

James was here as part of Stripped, our exciting programme of events and activities uncovering the wonderful world of comics, graphic novels and the people who create them. Find out more about Stripped on our website and on the special Stripped blog

James Kakalios brings science to life



Turning the tables on the photographers
During a photo shoot this afternoon political stalward Tam Dalyell gave the photographers a taste of their own medicine. Both perspectives below. The first picture shows the photo shoot in action. The second photo, taken by Tam Dalyell, shows what it looks like to be at the mercy of the photogrpahers (don't worry, we can assure you they are a lovely bunch!). 



Coming up in the next couple of days…

Thursday 22 August

Meet leading novelists from Germany and Argentina, Patricio Pron and Eugen Ruge at 2pm on Thursday 22 August. Tickets cost £7 (£5)

Editor of the Guardian Alan Rusbridger brings tales of musical triumph during a time of journalistic turmoil at 3pm on Thursday 22 August. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

Charlotte Higgins, chief arts writer of the Guardian, explores what Roman Britain means to the British now at 3.30pm on Thursday 22 August. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

King of crime Quintin Jardine celebrates 20 years of DCC Bob Skinner at 4.30pm on Thursday 22 August. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

Man Booker Prize-winner DBC Pierre presents his first collection of short stories featuring phantasmagorical prose, a heady cocktail of illustrations and photographic ‘evidence’ at 7pm on Thurs 22 Aug. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

For a fascinating insight into the art of translating texts come and see our Translation Duel featuring acclaimed authors and translators at 8.30pm on Thurs 22 Aug. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

Friday 23 August

One of Scotland’s finest authors James Robertson discusses his work with Ruth Wishart at 12 noon. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

William Sutcliffe discusses his book based in a fictional settlement with acclaimed Palestinian author and lawyer Raja Shehadeh at 2pm. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

Join two up-and-coming Scotland-based comics guys, Will Morris & Edward Ross, for some serious graphic chat at 3.30pm. Tickets cost £7 (£5). Part of our Stripped programme.

A Genius of comics art Melinda Gebbie discusses her fascinating and sometimes controversial career as a graphic artist at 4pm. Tickets cost £10 (£8). Part of our Stripped programme.

Take a whistle-stop tour of the world of comics with the masterful Paul Gravett, author of 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die at 5pm. Tickets cost £10 (£8). Part of our Stripped programme.

Mark Billingham presents his latest crime thriller, Dying Hours at 7pm. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

We’re celebrating 50 years of Dr Who with three authors connected to the books and the their televisual incarnations at 8.30pm. Tickets cost £10 (£8)

We hope to see you soon.