Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 2 and a half

As the gates open to a third day of soaking up that Book Festival atmosphere, I thought I'd provide some recommendations for the next couple of days.

This evening (Monday 13th)

The Heart and History of The Dandy. Andy Stanton, former Dandy editor Morris Heggie (left), and Dandy/Beano illustrator Gordon Tait share, discuss and enjoy the creative thoughts behind one of the most beloved comics in Britain. A great events for families.
ScottishPower Studio Theatre, 5PM


In what promises to be an intelligent and fascinating event, Geoff Dyer discusses his newest book, "Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room". Ideal if you like a bit of late-evening thinking and entertaining.
Peppers Theatre, 8:30PM


Tomorrow (Tuesday 14th)

Oddles of Poodles with Anna Wilson. In an event for children ages 7 to 10, Anna Wilson shares stories of her pampered pet salon. Or should I call it secret canine detective agency?
RBS Corner Theatre, 12PM

Join Charles Allen in a significant event about a significant figure. Many of us haven't even heard of Ashoka, but - two hundred years before the birth of Christ - he was the illustrious and peaceful ruler of the entire Asian subcontinent.
ScottishPower Studio Theatre, 12PM

The day after tomorrow (Wednesday 15th)

Award-winning author Charles Nicholl runs an event for those who love great history and great intrigue. You'll learn things you never knew about some of the most renowned historical figures in history, from Michelangelo to Shakespeare, from Arthur Cravan to Jack the Ripper.
ScottishPower Studio Theatre, 10.30AM 

In this unique event, celebrated Scottish crime writer Val McDermid will be unveiling her latest work, 'The Vanishing Point', a month before its publication. This is quite simply an event not to be missed.
RBS Main Theatre, 8PM

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